Look Smaller Without Dieting

Shapewear / Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Drop 1 to 3 dress sizes without dieting, simply by wearing your Body Magic by Ardyss. Trust me this comes in handy for getting “in shape” for upcoming high school reunions, weddings, and future dates.

Or maybe you are more fortunate than the rest of us and only have those last 10 pounds to lose before you slide into that dress that is hanging in the closet. Well, even though you only have a few pounds to lose, the Body Magic by Ardyss International will prove beneficial to you as well. In fact, many of the products in the Ardyss Shapewear line will prove to be beneficial. And what I love is that many products come in plus sizes and these slimming undergarments are being used and sold by doctors.

Or maybe you know a teenager who is struggling with her self-esteem due to her weight. Of course, you want to come up with a solution that helps her physically, mentally, and spiritually. Well, one way to immediately make a difference for the teenager is to have her try the Body Magic from Ardyss International. It will make an immediate impact on her life.


Stand Taller Without Exercise

Another benefit of Ardyss International’s Body Magic body shaper is that you will look and feel taller. Why? Because the garment will help your posture. How? Well, with the Body Magic by Ardyss International, most of your torso is covered which gives you more support and control. As the compression garment shapes your body, you have no choice but to sit, stand, and walk more erect. After wearing the garment a few times, you will notice you stand more erect without actually wearing the Body Magic.


Other Uses Such As A Compression Garment Or Postpartum Girdle

Other uses of Body Magic is to use it as a postpartum girdle. And some doctors have mentioned Body Magic as an alternative compression garment after lipo suction. But of course, always consult your doctor.
Ladies I know seeing is believing.
So check out some Ardyss Body Magic Before and After Pictures



Transforming your figure is attainable, but these garments should also be comfortable in order to best meet your needs. The Body reshaper long and short products are both capable of providing you with a smoother and more slender appearance. These products are designed to provide you with a light level of reshaping, which means that they will eliminate a few extra inches around your waist, giving a tighter and smoother appearance. These products utilize lightweight fabrics capable of controlling your abdomen, thinning your thighs and hips, lifting your buttocks and giving you excellent support in the back area.